Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jericho: Daily Fix


See this. A real winner.

"OK, you guys are the best and are helping to keep me honest in my vow to blog daily on Jericho until the premiere.

Before I get to the good stuff, a reminder that I’m looking for guest bloggers for Season 2. What’s that, you ask? Check out the summer rerun guest bloggers. Margie & Edna are taking care of the premiere, while Yvonne (Aunt Vonna) has ep 2, Erika (kricka) snagged ep 3 and newbie (to Jericho guest blogging, that is) Clarke Ingram (gushing fanboy that he is of Sprague Grayden) will tackle episode 5."

Thanks Kricka. You're awesome.



Chris C said...

Hi, Chris here from Angry Seafood which used to be Nothing to See Here. I'll do a guest post for you for season two. Just let me know what kind of topic you want and when it's due. :)

Also want to let you know that my weekly sports column on 2/09 will be about what kinds of sports would people play in a Jericho world followed up by a post on 2/11 reviewing the season one, and a post on 2/12 about season two.

Getting excited about season two :)

~Chris C
email: chrisc447 at yahoo dot com

Jericho Returns said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks for stopping by. I'll be sure to advertise your upcoming posts.

I'll get back with you on the guest post which I'd love to have you do.


morinn said...

congrats on being able to blog everyday! that's a hell of a task! :P

alpha99wolf said...

Rubberpoultry's video is AWESOME! Kricka - your caption/photos are terrific. Jane, your work on this blog is appreciated as are all those who know how to blog. It is a great method to inform the fans of articles, commentaries, etc. Thank you for a super job!

rubberpoultry said...

As I said over at RFJ, those captions are great! You have selected great images to go with some very clever words.