Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Message From Jennie Sword

Jennie Sword (TownJennie) has posted a new message to all Jericho fans.

Please leave her a comment if you like. Wonderful person.

Thanks to Terocious for this reminder of an article I had forgotten about.

Les Moonves was interviewed by Newsweek and said:

Do you read blogs?
Not usually. When it's something interesting, my people bring it to my attention. We are getting independent market research on how bloggers are treating some of our shows and personalities. Early on we knew "Ghost Whisperers" was going to be successful because Jennifer Love Hewitt had a lot of attention among bloggers. It would be silly to ignore blogs, and we don't.

What would be the scariest headline you could imagine in the business pages in the next year?
The scariest headline? CBS CORP. DOESN'T PERFORM AS WELL AS EXPECTED. But I don't think that's going to happen. Put that in, too."

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