Saturday, January 19, 2008

8 Random Things About Me

First, I'd like to begin by thanking Rich Becker for offering me the opportunity of working with him as a Research Intern. This is a dream I've had since first reading Rich's posts. This is truly an honor and I'm excited beyond words.

Rich also tagged me with the popular “eight random things about you” meme so here it is:

1. I have a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology.

2.I have written and published two scientific research articles and both were featured on an A&E special.

3. I read an average of 3-5 books per week. History,thrillers, and mysteries.

4. If I could only make one trip I'd go to Ireland where my ancestors were born.

5. I have written a novel and hope to get it published one day.

6. I'm a terrible procrastinator.

7. My favorite music: bagpipes

8. I'm addicted to Dr Pepper.

I would like to tag:

Amy Vernon of Remote Access

Terocious(Barry) of Jericho Junction

Kystorms(Lisa) of Jericho On CBS

Midori Miller of Active Rain Real Estate Network


Balceroregontr said...

Jane you are truly an interesting person. It is fun to get to know you better.
Debby from SC

Jericho Returns said...

Thanks Debby. It is certainly a pleasure to know you!!

Anonymous said...

Jane, I never realized you had such credentials and an interesting repertoire of talents and knowledge. Thank you for allowing us to know you.


Jericho Returns said...

Than you for commenting Wolfie. I'm glad you found it of interest.

terocious said...

I agree with Debby and Alpha. It is very cool to learn more about you Jane.

Midori Miller said...

Jane-interesting facts about you..but not surprising. I really have enjoyed our interactions! Let me know when you publish that novel...I do think you will!

Rich said...

A wonderful addition Jane, especially since we both tend to talk about others as opposed to ourselves.

Number five is new to me. So maybe we can figure out what to do about that, making sure number six doesn't get in the way.


Jericho Returns said...

Thank you Terocious. Thanks to you, Midori, my friend. You are both special.

Rich, if I can realize #5 then #6 will not be a problem. Thank you for commenting.