Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jake And Heather

"The man who never alters his opinion is like standing water, and breeds reptiles of the mind. ~William Blake"

Opinions do change and mine did so last night while watching old episodes of Jericho. I paid close attention to Jake, Emily, and Heather and realized I have been wrong. Jake needs Heather.

No offense to Ashley Scott who portrays Emily because she is a fine actress. I'm also told she is a warm, giving person. It's just that Jake and Heather make a much better couple.

So, for all you Jake and Heather lovers--I'm on your side now. Clarke, I hope you find this amusing. You already believed this, huh?

"The Internet's most comprehensive site
devoted to actress Sprague Grayden
with biography, career history, pictures,
screenshots, and links.

(And we've only just begun.)"




Balceroregontr said...

I want Heather and Jake together. I like the character of Emily too but feel that she needs to really get over Roger before she gets in a relationship with anyone. As to the fact that Jake and Emily used to be together as my daughter would say you only go backwards by dating an old boyfriend.
Debby from SC

Schumi said...


Thanks for helping get the word out about the new site for Sprague, and for taking a second look at the whole Jake/Heather/Emily question. Yes, Jake needs to grow and move forward - and that is Heather.

And you are right on about Ashley - she is a wonderful and gracious person.

BTW - love the Blake quote.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
Best. Blog. Ever.

Jericho Returns said...

Awwwww, you guys are just the best.

Love you too kmac.

erika said...

Hooray!!!! A Jake/Heather convert makes me happy... What I love about Jake and Heather is that Jake is not threatened by her abilities, but he still feels the need to protect her.

I am such a weepy romantic....

Jericho Returns said...


You make me feel like I just joined a special club. Ha. Thanks.

Enoreios said...

Amen to that. Jake and Heather really work well together...

Take care, Jane, and keep up the good work.

AmyV said...

Yay! I love Jake and Heather together. While I have grown to appreciate Emily and understand where she's coming from, I think Heather actually is a much better fit. She's a much more genuine person. And she's like the female Magyver!

Jericho Returns said...

Enoreios, thank you for commenting. I see you're in this club too.

Thanks, Amy, but do do you realize how Lisibee will make me suffer over how long it took for me to reach this conclusion?????

maybei said...

lol, fun blog! Yes, Jake does need Heather! The big question, does Heather need Jake????

lol, I am thinking he needs her a lot more than she needs him. However - there is a certain chemistry between them that is undeniable.

LisiBee said...

Jane, I only have two things to say: I told you so, and it's about time!! :D

Jericho Returns said...

Lisibee, I expected this comment from you. Ha. I never realized how many Jheather lovers there are!!

LisiBee said...

Well, clearly you overestimated the appeal of JEM. ;)

Jericho Returns said...

Perhaps I did Lisibee. Now if Sprague would only answer my requests for an interview!!

LisiBee said...

Oh, I hope Sprague does agree to an interview, that would be great! Maybe you should impress upon her your recent conversion to the Jeather side. :D

~suzi~ said...

You know i think its great that you have switched to the Heather/Jake side... And i think its even more wonderful that you can admit you were wrong ;)

I like Emily a bit though,she would be a wonderful character if the writers didnt make her such a selfish person! Its just that she isnt right for Jake *sigh*


Jericho Returns said...


Thank you. Yes, it just takes opening one's eyes to see why Heather is best.