Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bringing Guests To Jerichon

I got up this morning and was checking my email and realized someone had sent me a link to a thread on the CBS board. I got my coffee and wandered over to see what was happening.

The first post is from Chesterkitty saying,"If any fans are willing to donate frequent flyer points to the Guardians Of Jericho, we can then use these to help us bring the guests to Oakley."

I think we are all aware that the Guardians of Jericho do not grow money on trees.
The response from Thurbers is a clear one and I certainly agree with it.

"Despite limited hotel space in Oakley, increased attendance for the con is a must. One of the ways this will happen is with guests directly associated with the show", says Thurbers.

Thurber's main point is summed up nicely, "In some cases the value to the Con may be obvious. For example: as many here know I'm a huge Heather fan, an appearance by Sprague would probably have me searching the couch for change to help me attend. OTOH an appearance by Skeet or Lennie would probably have a lot more people searching among their cushions. Now much as I wish the GOJ board had that kind of choice to make, I'm sure they are faced with less obvious decisions. The choice between a writer/producer and a guest star, or production person needs more thought. Who are the fans going to recognize and travel to see? What are they doing at the Con?"

This, to me, says it all. Who will pay to see whom? Who do fans want to see? Thurbers makes the point: "Another hypothetical situation, a staff writer who is willing to give a presentation/question and answer session is probably a bigger draw then say an autograph session with the actor who played Mitchell. Less hypothetical lets take the two announced guests, IMHO, Mike Loomer who has been with the show and on the set for two seasons, is bringing items for 'show and tell', and is excited to mingle with fans would probably be a bigger draw for fans, especially new fans, then Shaun. Don't get me wrong, I love Shaun, but he is not directly attached to Jericho, doesn't have as many behind the scene stories to share, and with his radio show there is easier access to him outside of the Con. If you have enough miles for one roundtrip flight that would be how I would decide. But how does the GOJ plan on making these kinds of decisions?"

Knowing Shaun, for example, I'm willing to bet he'd be agreeable to paying his own way so as to ensure that someone from the Jericho cast/crew could attend. Others might feel the same. While the radio broadcast would certainly be welcomed by fans who could not attend it does not bring cash in to pay for the people directly connected to Jericho. What's a broadcast without special guests?

In the end Thurber's question ("But how does the GOJ plan on making these kinds of decisions?") seems in need of a response.


maybei said...

I really think that folks not directly related to the show should pay for their own expenses.

IMHO - It is the decent thing to do knowing the limited ammount of funds available.

Jericho Returns said...

Frankly, BTR should pay. This is great promotion for them. Anybody sending press people should pay their way & not be so stingy.

Briarpatch said...

This question needs to be addressed by the Board of the GOJ. I am wondering how much input the Board receives from the membership in matters such as this? I realize that GOJ is a separate entity, but it should keep in mind the fandom it serves and their best interests. Also, the future of the Con is really at stake in wisely choosing how they use limited funds.