Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jericho Comes To Sci-Fi

"One night before CBS starts the second season of Jericho, Sci-Fi begins repeats of the first season. There will be four episodes beginning at 7pm Eastern, taking the place of the usual Star Trek: Enterprise showings. The following week, Enterprise cuts back to three episodes, and Jericho will air one episode at 10pm."

"Even as their supply of new programs dwindles during the months-long writers' strike, major TV networks continue to try to capture online viewers.

Streaming free full-length episodes on their own websites was just the beginning. Episodes from ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC are showing up on an assortment of sites, from big destinations such as AOL to newcomers Veoh and MeeVee.

Signs are that time spent watching video — not just snacks à la YouTube, but full episodes — is increasing. The number of broadband users who watched full shows online weekly doubled in 2007 from 8% to 16%, says market research firm Horowitz Associates.

Embracing the Web is "an acknowledgement that this is real (and networks) have a business model and can monetize it and make it part of their growth," Howard Horowitz says.

By giving consumers online access, networks have learned they can reinforce viewer devotion. "This is mostly driven by TV audiences who missed (an episode) and want to watch it on their computer," says Shelly Palmer, author of Television Disrupted: The Transition From Network to Networked TV. "I don't think NBC or ABC is caring where you watch as long as they can count on you."


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I don't like that Gerald McRaney (Johnston Green) is shown from the back in your collage on top of this page.

SaveJake said...

Comcast has also added "Fancast". It includes movies and TV. Jericho Season 1 is there!!!
It also links to other work done by the actors in the show you watch!

terocious said...

I understand Anonymous and I am sorry this bothers you. I am the person who created the collage so I thought it appropriate I answer your comment. I chose this picture of Johnston and I did not do so without some thought. Here were my reasons:

(1)I wanted a picture which occurred near the end of his life in the series, a picture which put us as an observer on the Richmond Farm battlefield.

(2)I wanted a full body shot to capture his essence

(3)I wanted a picture which forced us to remember him, each in our own way.

No Disrespect was intended. In fact the opposite is the case; Johnston Green is shown here from behind because he had the strength of character which allowed this angle as an option and because he has a face that none of us will forget.