Friday, February 15, 2008

Breaking News

Attention Rangers:

Thanks to you, Jericho is back! What an amazing job you have done so far. Now it's time to take it to the next level and CBS wants to arm you for the battle.

Each week, we will send the Rangers (and only the Rangers) a link to an exclusive clip to the upcoming episode. Only Rangers and their friends and families will be able to watch it. Feel free to send this link to everyone on your e-mail list. You are their key to seeing an exclusive clip of the show long before it airs. Let's make this thing grow!

Now here's the capper... if we get 1,000,000 hits to this website, CBS will send you a link to get the secret, alternate ending to the series! No matter what ending airs, you will be able to see the other ending.

So go nuts, again. Support Jericho and get a part of the show no one will ever see.

Here is a link to an exclusive clip from next Tuesday's episode. This link is a password protected link just for you. Below is the link with logline and password info:


Login: rangers

Password: jerichonuts

Jon Turteltaub and all the writers, producers, cast and crew of JERICHO


kystorms said...

I think its great to be given the chance to participate in so many neat ways with the show.
thanks for posting

Jericho Returns said...

Lisa, I agree. It's so nice to be included in such fun Jericho happenings.

LisiBee said...

Has anyone actually tried out the link to the vid clip? I've tried it twice now; an ad plays, then it goes to a picture of Skeet and it says "replay". I can't seem get to the promised vid clip for next week's episode. :(

LisiBee said...

Er, never mind, it's working now. ;) Thanks for posting this, Jane!

SaveJake said...

Thanks Jane.
Now I want...no I need more!!! Is it Tuesday yet?!

Jericho Returns said...

You're welcome LisiBee and savejake.
Wasn't it great?