Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saving Journeyman Too

Once I became interested in the campaign to save Journeyman I visited their forum . I watched the show a few times and really liked it. I have a special place in my heart for fans who love a show only to see it cancelled.

These Journeyman fans are doing now what we all once did for Jericho and they want to offer a few tips and reminders about what is important.

1. Fans can be involved, even if you have just a few minutes a week. It's wonderful if you can give more of your time but every little bit helps.

2. The campaign can always use more help/suggestions and you can post in those threads on the forum if you're interested.

3. The actions that have the biggest impact on the network are mailing in Rice-a-Roni, sending letters and emails to the network, contacting advertisers. The letters and emails can be brief. The more people who write, the more impact the campaign has.

4. Post campaign action events and talk up the show on networking sites (myspace, facebook, etc), entertainment sites, DVR sites, TV sites.Tell friends and family. Spread the word and encourage fans to participate.Fans can help keep other fans informed by posting on the forums too.

5. Don't give up, be persistent. Let the networks know we want quality shows to remain on the air. There's a lot more information on the forum and there's a newsletter that goes out to forum members.

Get info here about the Rice-A-Roni campaign.

Special thanks to serulous for all her help.

More soon about the campaign.


erika said...

Joining the Journeymn campaign!!! YAY! I love that show.

Jericho Returns said...

Thanks Erika. There are some super nice folks at their forum. And they talk Jericho.

Dan Ibabao said...

Thank you for sharing and inspiring Journeyman fans!

As a Jericho admirer, I'm envious of all you accomplished! Here's to another full season of Jericho!

Jericho Returns said...

Hi Dan,
Thank you for commenting.I'll go for another full season of Jericho.
Best of luck with your campaign! You all are passionate and inspiring.

StarrFactors said...

As a Ranger, and fellow nut contributor, I have high hopes for saving Journeyman, too. I believe 2of the biggest factors for Jericho were the sheer amount of nuts and the polite respectfulness exhibited by the Rangers. Did you know they sent flowers to the head woman and her assistant at the end of the campaign? Now that's a class act!

Jericho Returns said...

StarrFactors, Thanks for commenting. Yes, I did know about the flowers. It just goes to show you can attract more flies with honey than vinegar.

I have high hopes for JM. The fans I've met so far are wonderfully nice folks.

jacks12 said...

Yes please join the fight to save Journeyman! It is a great show that shouldnt have been canceled. Journeyman was a show that put you on the edge of your seat from day one wondering what just happened and what will happen next! It is a show that makes you think for a change, something that many of us have been wanting for years now! So please help us save this amazing show!

Jericho Returns said...

Thanks for commenting. I'm with you. Save Journeyman!

Njdeh said...

Thanks for promoting our campaign :)
- JourneymanFansite.com

Njdeh said...

and also... great blog :) Congrats on saving Jericho :)

Jericho Returns said...

Thank you for commenting Njdeh. I enjoyed the link you posted. I'll be posting more on Journeyman often.

Heykateforever said...

Love Journeyman and have been as involved in trying to save it as best I can, but I also love Jericho. If any of you are also on the side of Friday Night Lights, let me know! They renewed Life - which is about as lame as I've seen (and boring IMHO) and lower in the Nielsens than Journeyman. How frustrating is that! Nevertheless, through Journeyman I found this site - happy to let you know I'll help you all with Jericho, too. It's a super show and gets better each week. Our house never misses an episode!

Jericho Returns said...

Thanks heykateforever!! It's great to meet another Jericho fan.
Friday Night Lights is a good show too.I'm so disgusted by these networks canceling the good ones.