Friday, April 25, 2008

CW: Confounding Nielsen

"At first glance, Gossip Girl is just another tawdry teen dramadey, but take a look at the show's viewership -- or more precisely, how it's viewed -- and you'll see that the CW's underdog is a shape of things to come.

While its ratings are mediocre at best, the show has cultivated a huge following online. Now, in a misguided effort to pump up traditional viewership numbers, the network has decided to stop streaming Gossip Girl.

New episodes routinely arrived at the No. 1 most-downloaded spot on iTunes, and then there were the hundreds of thousands who were downloading free week-old episodes on the CW's site. Even executives at Nielsen threw up their hands and admitted that Gossip Girl appeared to be speaking to an audience so young and tech-savvy they hadn't really figured it out just yet."

This is for a friend of mine who adores Jensen Ackles of Supernatural.
I can see what there is to adore. Look at that face.

Check him out here.

"The Society for New Communications Research has released initial findings from its new study, “Exploring the Link Between Customer Care and Brand Reputation in the Age of Social Media”.

The findings suggest that many (59.1%) influential and savvy online consumers are using blogs, social networks and other social media to “vent” about bad customer care experiences."

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