Monday, April 21, 2008

Networks:and Programming

"Networks will announce their fall schedules next month, but some shows can be considered dead already.

"Cane," the magnificently produced South Florida soap opera on CBS about a clan of sugar barons, will get the machete. Steamy and cinematically beautiful as it was, it just didn't get the ratings it needed to survive."

"CBS CEO Leslie Moonves told investors and analysts at a media conference last month that the network would be doing "a CBS Corporation upfront" where it presents its new season to advertisers at New York's Carnegie Hall, May 14: "We're going to sell outdoor. We're going to sell radio in all its forms. We're going to sell television stations. We're going to sell syndication. We're going to sell network. It's going to be a very different look than we've ever had before."

"CBS fared better on an ad revenue per person basis for its NCAA basketball tournament delivery online than on TV. So why is Gossip Girl being dragged offline for viewing only on the CW Network, partly owned by CBS?

Gossip Girl's demographic focus goes straight to the 18-34 audience, the only one that exists as far as the networks are concerned. It's an online savvy audience as well. We wonder if CW has failed to make money with it online, or simply not made the enormous pots of money studio heads feel entitled to in their minds."

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