Saturday, April 26, 2008

Nielsen Cuts More

"Cost cutting at The Nielsen Co. has started to affect areas beyond its core Oldsmar TV ratings research center.

Nielsen also has started cutting back employment at its 1,100-person Dunedin call center, where company staff call U.S. residents, trying to recruit them as participants in Nielsen's ratings system.

In Dunedin, Nielsen cut 19 full-time workers in March, 15 part-time workers and 41 temporary workers. Temporary worker ranks normally fluctuate seasonally, said company spokesman Gary Holmes. Nielsen still tracks many TV stations seasonally, meaning the workload rises and falls several times a year."

"In less than a week it's May, and that means networks will be pulling out all the stops to attract viewers' eyeballs.
It's a month when advertisers' rates are calculated, also known as a "sweeps" month. But I would hardly call next month's programming "pulling out all the stops."
CBS has come up with the most boneheaded, ill-conceived idea for May sweeps, and the network thinks it's the best thing it has going all month.
In an "unprecedented" writers crossover, "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" writers have penned the May 5 episode of "Two and a Half Men," and the sitcom's co-creator and writer have scripted the May 8 episode of "CSI."

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