Thursday, July 12, 2007

Adrianne Leon: Meet Bill Bowski

Part 1

Adrianne Leon is an Emmy Award-nominated actress and musician. She performed three songs for the "Snow White" DVD and is the lead singer of the band Caught Crimson. She is also known for her role as Brook on TV's General Hospital from 2004 until 2006. In January 2006 she took over the role of Colleen Carlton on The Young and the Restless. She was let go in June of 2007 and the character recast. This was a very unpopular move among her fans.

There is currently a petition circulating asking CBS to return her to the role of Colleen.

Recently I received an email from Bill Bowski asking if I knew Adrianne or how to contact her. I don't. He then told me his story which I will now ask you to read. Please help if you can and maybe Adrianne will at least send him an email or autographed photo. Here's Bill:

I am a 36 year old divorced father of 1 son and 2 daughters. My son is 15, daughters 14 and 12. I work as a dispatcher at a trucking company,have for 10 years. Things I like to do: board games, card games, being outdoors, going to the Oregon Coast, playing softball, coaching basketball. TV shows I like:Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld, Y&R(Until they let Adrianne Leon go) and 24. I think I have seen every episode of Saved By the Bell 10 times at least, One Tree Hill, Iron Chef, any show on Food Network(I am secretly a good cook). Movies I like: Serendipity,The NoteBook,Anchorman,Dodgeball,Independence Day,Rat Race,any of The Vacation movies,any romantic comedy really!!

When I got divorced a year and a half ago,I moved into a 2 bedroom apt. and found the Soapnet channel one night and have been watching ever since. I always had watched One Life To Live and General Hospital faithfully through the years,well as much as I could since I work during the day. I always watched 90210 on there and then I thought I would try Y&R, hearing from a couple of friends it was pretty good. So I tried it and liked it immediately. I noticed that Brad Carlton had a daughter on the show, Colleen Carlton.The actress who played her quickly caught my eye. She was strikingly beautiful,had huge eyes that just mesmorized me. WOW!! This young lady was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. This was around the time when she struck up a relationship with Adrian Korbel. Good storyline again,really like it. Well time went on and I was hooked.

I would go work at the club during lunch and watch it then and then again at 7 pm on Soapnet. If I missed an episode I would just watch The Marathon on Soapnet that weekend. Well, I soon realized that I actually started feeling something for this young lady,and found out her name was Adrianne Leon. She sang several times on GH. Well, just recently I read on Adrianne's my space page that Y&R let her go!! I was devastated!!!! What are they thinking??? This is absurd!!!!! So,I started thinking really hard about this. I wouldn't be seeing her on TV every day anymore. I really started to grow even more feelings for her as crazy as it sounds so I decided I must meet this girl in person somehow to see for myself if she would possibly go on one date with me. Just one(well maybe 2) is all I would ask,just to have a chance to sit and talk with her,do something fun with her. I am sure she gets requests like this all the time. This is a genuine request. I am a rational,sane human being,not some nut case stalker.If she isn't interested,I will walk away. But all I ask is just for a chance.

Come back tomorrow for Part 2 when Bill will tell us his secret plan for meeting Adrianne.


Rose said...

She's 21. He is 36? I have one word..... Stalker... Run Adrian... Run for your life. I so hope he did not email her.

Skyla said...

He seems a little obsessed to me. Most people really like actor/actresses and want to meet their favorite but they don't think they don't think they've developed feelings for them. I think he may become a little unhinged if he meets her. He may very well be the threat that prevented her from going to the Emmy's. Pleas Adrian be careful and up your security!

danielleM said...

How can this guy "know" that he has genuine feelings for her? Does he know her at all? No. I don't want to be a meanie, but Bill might want to seek some support for these "feelings" of his.