Friday, July 13, 2007

Jericho Links

Tonight (Friday) was a big night for Jericho and the fans. I hope the ratings are good. This is the time when we hope to capture new viewers who will be as enthralled as the rest of us. In anticipation of all the newly created Jericho addicts I would like to offer you some places to go for more information.

Enjoy the chat or forum plus all the excellent information on the cast, characters, and episodes.

Great forum, lots of discussions.

Great forum where ideas are brainstormed and plans put into action, Lots of contests and fun too.

Information about Jerichon 2007, a fan convention set for September.

CBS is aware of the convention plans and there is a chance that some of the actors might attend.

There will be a series of events including a dance and a barbecue plus a workshop on what to do in the event of a nuclear attack, such as the one Jericho faced when nuclear explosions took place in metropolitan areas.

The Hays Daily News- Hays, Kansas

Promote Jericho materials, viewing guides, flyers, signs, and information about ratings and advertisers.




Ghosty said...

Thanks for joining 'Yeah, I Read Your Stupid Blog' on Facebook. See, told you I'd visit. Nice blog, though I'm not as up on the show as you folks are - don't watch TV very much. Still, cool stuff.

Bob Johnson said...

Jericho rules, The special was well put together, really enjoyed it.

Jericho Saved said...

Hey Ghosty, Thanks for your visit and comment. You really should try Jericho you know.
Thanks for the comment. Too bad the ratings weren't higher but we were also competing with Harry Potter.