Thursday, July 12, 2007

Adrianne Leon: Where Are You ?

Part 2

Yesterday's blog got some mixed reactions. Let me say that I do not know Bill personally. I suppose his email to me hit a soft spot partly because I can imagine myself having done this same thing when I was in love with Elvis many years ago. Also, Adrianne's fans are very saddened to know she has been fired and will no longer appear on Y&R. I hope more fans will sign this petition and write CBS to express your opposition to the firing.

Here's Bill with the rest of the story:

I am flying to LA from Oregon on Sept 28th and will be there around Noon on Friday. My hope is that Adrianne will know I am coming already and agree to see me. Friday night,dinner and a movie? Saturday,hanging out,shopping.seeing the sights of LA? Sunday,go to The Dodgers Game. I know she is a busy girl but if she knows in advance,maybe she can make room to see me.

Why would Adrianne like a guy like me? Well for starters, I love having fun. love to laugh, love to make people laugh. I can cook a good meal, I would treat her like the queen that she is. I believe I have a good personality,and ,yes, I am in my 30's and she is only 21. I do not think this matters. If 2 people are meant to be age doesn't matter. I would treat her with respect,make sure harm would never come her way, spend time with her as much as I could,but give her time to do things she likes also. I am a honest person,raised with good values. Always truth and honesty,no matter what.

This is my plan... Try to get the word out to Adrianne that I am flying down on Sept 28th and my flight will get into LA about 11:00,noonish. Hopefully she will hear about this through the magic of the internet and contact me via email at Billbowski@charter.net. so we can hopefully make plans for the weekend I am down there. I have been doing a little research to find out where I could find her and I assume it is in LA. People who read this,I need your support to make this happen. Please send this blog to everyone you know and send it to Adrianne also. This is no joke people. I am very serious about this. My intentions are true and good. I will simply walk away if it doesn't work out. If I see her and meet her though, roses will be in hand and maybe I can serenade her with my great (horrible actually singing voice) !! haahhaha.... Maybe I can spin a fancy poem or 2 also... What are some songs I could serenade her with? People I need help with this!!! Send me your ideas??? It will be fun!!!!

Adrianne,if you happen to read this,please know I am not a stalker or crazy man. This is not a publicity stunt. I am not trying to scare you. I am very sincere about this. I have good intentions only. All I ask is that you please give me a chance for 1 weekend. If it doesn't work,well what a great experience and we can be friends. But if there is that I million to 1 chance there a few sparks flying,then hey,how about that!!!! hee hee hee heeeeeeeee..... Well that is my story,hopefully with the help of the internet we can get the ball rolling on this and we will see what happens!!!! Take care everyone out there...Bill in Oregon
Adrianne, are you reading this?


Mike A. said...

I agree it sounds a little strange, but why not. Bill sounds honest and sincere. I mean, as long as Adrienne brings a couple bodyguards it should be fine. Does anyone know if Adrienne has a boyfriend currently?

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill, I wish you the best of luck in trying to meet Adrianne.Follow your dreams,u seem like a sweet guy.Come on people,lets back Bill on this!!!

Theresa111 said...

Bill should not hehehehehehe too much and also he sounds a little needy and too pleading. He might use the cool and reserved approach. Obsession can be a bit scary. Good luck Bill.

Jericho Saved said...

Thank you all for your comments.
Mike, bodyguards might be the key. I heard she was dating Chris Young.
Anonymous, he does seem sweet.
Theresa, I have to agree. Personally, I like the reserved approach.