Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Monster Blogger Interview: LoveJohnston

I had seen LoveJohnston on the CBS boards for a while before I requested an interview. I found her to be interesting and passionate about the show so I wanted to know more. Here's what I found out.

1. Do you have a favorite chat room? What is it? If you don't use chat rooms why not?

No, sadly there aren't enough hours in the day for me to visit a chat room. I'm on the computer way too much as it is already.

2. Will you be watching Season 2?

My husband, daughter, and son-in-law will be watching along with my two grand dogs, Allie and Pippin. What do you mean my grand dogs don't count!!??

3. Johnston Green died in Season 1. Will someone die in Season 2? Why or why not? Who?

R.I.P. Johnston (as a tear runs down my face). I think someone, or more than one person, will die in season 2 mainly because that seems to be the pattern so far. WHO? Well personally, I hope to God it's Constantino. But I don't want Skeet to have to do it. Let's give some of the responsibility to Eric for a change.

4. If you could talk to Nina Tassler right now what would you say?

No comment.

5. How can CBS count all the viewers who watch and not just a select few?

I don't see how they can as the system is set up now. The Nielsen's would have to change since it seems to be the TV GOD of counting viewers.

6. What attracted you to Jericho?

I watch anything that Gerald McRaney is in. He could just be standing there reading the phone book and I would watch. But I must admit, I was VERY surprised at how much I enjoyed the show. It was suspenseful, different and it kept me at the edge of my seat. And the hour went by so fast!

7. How can we attract new viewers to Jericho? To the message boards?

Wish I had the magic answer but I don't. Not a new answer anyway. I still think our best bet is trying to get the Nielsen system changed. When we let CBS know that we watched JERICHO, why not also let Nielsen know? Write Nielsen during the break often and let's see what can be done....as a group. That would be my best idea.

8. What do you most like to do besides anything involving Jericho?

Interior decorating, refinishing old wood furniture, being with my daughter, being with my grand dog, Pippin. Antique shopping. Taking rides in the country with my husband and taking photos of barns, old houses, and other old things we see along the way. Keeping in touch with my friends via email.


terocious said...

Hey Lovejohnston,
I think that writing nielsens as well CBS is a great Idea. We could also brainstorm on one press organization to write like Variety or TV Guide. I love that you call those critters your granddogs. I know I love mine dearly. Thanks JS for continuing to introduce us to ourselves.

maybei said...

Hi LoveJohnston! Thanks for doing this interview and letting us get to know you a little better.

I like taking pictures of old barns too!!

Great interview!

azlady said...

Thank you Lovejohnson for this interview. Those are great ideas, expanding writing to Nielsen and TV guide, Definitely something to start working on.

Jericho Saved said...

Thank you all for commenting. Great ideas lovejohnston.

Briarpatch said...

Hi there LovesJohnston. I know her from the Yahoo Jericho group, all the way back at the beginning of the series. Another passionate Jericho fan, with a special love for Gerald McRaney, like so many others. I think writing to Nielsens is a great idea too. Thanks for doing this interview.