Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: Azlady4

Gayle is a Digger extraordaire as well as commenter. You will see her everywhere posting as azlady4. I appreciate her time in doing this interview and I've loved knowing more about her.

1. Do you have a favorite chat room? What is it? If you don't use chat
why not?

I have never been in a chat room. I have no idea how to navigate one.
would like to try one but just haven't gotten around to it.

2. What would you do if CBS canceled Jericho again after Season 2?

I think at that point the only option that might be possible would be to
shop for a new home for Jericho on another network. I have always felt
might be a viable alternative if it comes down to that. I know other
networks were interested before so hopefully they would still be
and I feel it would be certainly worth a try. I think that would have to
predominantly the producers to do this, but maybe the fans could help in
some way. It has been done successfully in the past with several shows
and I
heard one of the Law and Order series just moved to a cable network so
obviously it can be done.

3. Johnston Green died in Season 1. Will someone die in Season 2? Why or
not? Who?

Probably, I think to keep the story realistic somebody has to die, but
unless they really have to cut back the budget I don't think it will be
anybody as significant as Johnston Green. I think maybe Constantino, or
possibly Dale. They both have PO'd a lot of the wrong people so they are
a definite possibility, but will have to wait and see.

4. If you could talk to Nina Tassler right now what would you say?

Nina, we really appreciate the fact that you listened and heard our
and brought back our beloved show. However, you told us that we, the
need to attract more viewers to ensure a longer life for Jericho. Well,
Nina, I don't really feel that should have been put on our backs in the
first place, but we did what you asked and have been doing everything we
within our power to make that happen. But you also said that CBS was
to do their part with heavy promoting and advertising and make every
on your end to give Jericho the exposure that it needs to be successful.
don't see that happening. Also, although Jericho being preempted for
prescheduled football every other week is disappointing it is
understandable. But these sudden preemptions without warning in some
and not in others, which seems to be happening frequently is not
understandable, and definitely not helping our cause, it is hurting it.
may not have any control over this issue if it is the work of the local
affiliates, but if you don’t I just ask that when you check the ratings
performance for each week you be aware that Jericho was not on in all
because it is going to have a negative effect on its numbers. I realize
that you have new shows starting soon and they are a priority right now,
we would really appreciate a little communication from you as to what
and CBS's intentions are over the next weeks or months as far as what
plans are for Jericho and if and how you are going to promote it.

5. How can CBS count all the viewers who watch and not just a select

They're going to have to find a way somehow, that is a given, because
obviously just going by the few "chosen ones" isn't working anymore. I
really think they need to implement sensors of some kind or find some
to count exactly how many "hits" each show is getting from all
including homes, hotel and hospital rooms, bars, dorms, and everywhere.
websites can track how many hits they get, there has to be a way to do
with television shows. They also need to start counting international
viewers and not just the US. People in other countries are obviously
supporting and watching American TV, so it is only fair they be counted.
Also, they need to start counting every TIVO and DVR show watched as
well as
all on-line viewers, X-box, IPODS and all modes of watching. The only
they are going to get an accurate count is to include all of it. I know
advertisers are still pushing the idea that everybody has to watch shows
live to be counted, but lets face it folks – those days are long gone.
everybody is going to.

6. What attracted you to Jericho?

I love the characters, and the actors who play them are fantastic and
really bring them to life. When I watch Jericho I feel like I am
out with my friends and neighbors. They are simply nice people. And
most of
them continue to be nice people even though the situation is ugly. What
makes the story so compelling is that it is something that can very
happen. I am truly moved when I see this community and how they band
together when there is nobody to help them except each other. Watching
Jericho has really made me appreciate the importance of family and
and also makes me ponder what it would be like if the things we have at
disposal and use every day, ie food, medicine, gas, electricity, clean
water, and even all the little amenities we take for granted like
and aspirin were suddenly yanked away from us and how miserable it would
if we suddenly had to do without them. It has given me a whole new
appreciation for those things and how blessed we are to live in a place
have them so readily available. I will never take my best friend or my
washing machine for granted again.

7. How can we attract new viewers to Jericho? To the message boards?

I think the fans are pretty much doing everything possible and doing it
well. I am totally impressed how so many people are using their immense
talents to promote Jericho. The banners and artwork are terrific. The
and articles being written are a great promotional tool and fun to read.
videos are fantastic and since many people go to Youtube that is a great
exposure. However, for those of us like myself who are not creative or
computer savvy enough to make a video or computer art, I think word of
is still one of the best tools there is for selling anything. I think
subtle approaches like wearing a Jericho T-shirt or sporting a bumper
sticker and having somebody notice is a great way to stir up interest.
they ask about it great, makes it a perfect time to promote it to them.
if they don’t ask directly or make a comment, it is bound to stir up
curiosity then if they are at home and happen to see a Jericho
advertisement, remembering they had seen it on your T-shirt or bumper
sticker might just give them that extra nudge to tune in and see what it
all about. Also posting fliers and signs in conspicuous places is a
way to get attention. I am not in sales or marketing but I believe that
subliminal suggestion is a very effective way to sell something, and I
believe it is working even if it is just a few at a time. Rome was not
in a day. Now it is time for CBS to step up to the plate and do their

As far as the message boards go, I would not be too concerned right now.
don’t think the traffic has really dropped off permanently; it is just
right now nobody really knows anything. Everything is kind of at a
standstill and it is just a waiting game. Once the dates for the new
episodes are released and more information is divulged, there will be a
more to talk about and then people will start wandering back and the
will increase. That is my prediction.

8. What do you most like to do besides anything involving Jericho?

Laugh. I love laughing. I love being with people who love to laugh as
as I do. I love being with my husband because he is so funny and he
me laugh almost nonstop. The world needs to laugh more. Life can stink
sometimes, but I’ve learned in my old age that if you find something to
laugh about it makes it a lot more bearable. We are hopeless baseball
addicts so during baseball season the Diamondbacks dominate much of our
time and our TV. The only show I will interrupt baseball for to watch
is Jericho; everything else gets DVR’d. HEAR THAT MR. MOONVES!!! I
think of anything more fun than a day at the ballpark. Other than that
family and I are pretty much outdoor people, camping, fishing, or even
a hike or a long bike ride. I work long hours indoors and live in the
so I like to spend my free time outside and away from the city.

Any comments?

Just that Jericho is a treasure and well worth fighting for. I want to
thank you so much to all the fans who helped bring it back, everyone
the major contributors to the ones who just sent one letter or an e-mail
made a phone call. My thanks also go out to those who support Jericho
simply watching it. Everyone made a difference. I have never been
or even thought of being involved in something like this before, but it
a great experience and although my contribution was small compared to
I am proud to have been a part of it. I wish Jericho a long and happy


terocious said...

Great Interview Azlady,
You stay continually active, upbeat and involved. Thank you for all your hard work.

maybei said...

I've always enjoyed reading Azlady's posts - a neat Jericho fan!

Thanks for letting us get to know you a little better - nice interview!!