Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: Paige

I first met Paige when she posted on the CBS board asking for people to sign the petition for The Black Donnelly's which had just been cancelled. She watched an episode of Jericho and was hooked. Here's what she has to say:

1. Are you a newcomer to the Jericho series?

Yes. I started watching Jericho online shortly after hearing about the Jericho fan campaign to bring the show back. I thought if that many people are sold on this show, it is one that I would like to check out. I watched 14 episodes online to ensure I would be caught up when the 1st season aired again this summer. I have to say that watching the show on my bigger screen is much better than online since the episode buffers every minute or so.

2. What appealed to you that got you to watch?

The pilot left me wanting more; a fictional account of something that could be very real connected with me. It brought to life how much we as a society take so much for granted. How would we survive if something like this happened? We already live in a society where a percentage of people try to make a difference and another percentage expects someone else will and should take care of them. Jericho touches on all of that. Aside from that, the writing and acting is superb. I am left guessing each week about each character; are they good, bad, confused or just trying to get through life like all of us are.

3. How do you think more new viewers might be attracted to watch?

In my opinion if you are trying to get more viewers, you air encore episodes on another affiliate cable channel during the weekend and or in different time slots during the week; or you air Jericho marathons. I personally have become a fan of several different shows once I saw them on a weekend or after another show I was already watching. Marathons are great for the weekend couch potato!

4. What about the show makes you continue to watch?

Once you fall in love with the people of Jericho you want to know how they will survive and what happens next. Jericho leaves you with just enough curiosity to keep tuning in whether it is a character or a plot twist. I just watched Friday’s episode and cried during the last 30 minutes of the show. If a show can move you to tears and then to hope, it is a show worth watching.

5. Who is your favorite character and why?

Hawkins is my favorite character; he was my favorite from the beginning. He is so interesting to me. The love he has for Darcy and the family is shadowed by the job he has to do or is running from. I just can’t figure him out! I wait week to week to see what transpires with his story.

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I can’t believe that Jericho was even considered to be canceled. Jericho is so real on so many levels! It has heart, depth and action to say the least. I hope CBS sees Jericho as what it is; a hit show.


terocious said...

Hi Paige,
I am sad to say that I figured out how cool the Black Donnellys was when it was already to late to save it. I hope to keep my eyes open a little wider from now on.
I am glad you were able to and became a fan of Jericho. Great Interview. Thank you Paige and JS.

paigec71 said...

Thanks Terocious! And of course, JS!! Thanks to the Jericho fans for introducing me to the show!! I do have to say that I am a little disappointed in CBS. I have been staying home on Friday's to watch Jericho and as you all know, sometimes it wasn't on. I am so glad that I knew the finale was going to be on Saturday night or I would have missed it; and I wouldn't have been too happy. I hope CBS will advertise more b/c there are still people out there that think the show has been cancelled.

On the lighter side, I can't wait to see the second season!!

auntvonna said...

Welcome to the Jericho family, Paige! You had some excellent ideas and I wish that CBS would listen and run marathons on the weekends. Wonderful interview and another wonderful job by Ms. JS!

Jericho Saved said...

Thank you all for posting. Paige, I agree. I hope CBS will advertise more. We don't even know how Jericho did this summer because of all the preemptions. A marathon would be good about now.

maybei said...

Great interview! It is always nice to get to know new Jericho fans!!!

LisiBee said...

What a great interview, and welcome to the fandom Paige! We need more folks like you who enjoy Jericho for what it is: a well-told story. You know, I would cancel ALL my plans for a Jericho marathon. ;)