Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Monster Fan Interview: AuntVonna

Auntvonna is a familiar fixture on the Jericho front. I've seen her posting and commenting so wanted to know her better. She agreed to this interview so get to know this sweet lady.

1. What is it about Jericho that makes you such a big fan?

Wow, there are so many things! First and foremost, is the cast, both as individual actors and as an ensemble. I was familiar with and a fan of the work of many of the cast members before Jericho, so that was a draw. I'm also a
big fan of sci-fi (particularly post-apocalyptic stuff, like "The Day
After", "The Stand", "28 Days Later", etc). Also, the message that the
show sends and what Jericho stand for: the importance of family, friends
and community as well as sticking to your morals and doing what's right
even in the most dire of circumstances. Last, but not least, is the fact
that it's a well written, well produced and well acted Drama, that isn't
afraid to throw some humor into the mix. I also love all the action!

2. What are some of your other interests?

My biggest love is for animals, particularly my four dogs, who keep me quite busy! I also love to travel, read, hike (or anything outdoors) and play games, especially poker.

3. How do you try to recruit new viewers?

I mostly just harass everyone I know, LOL! I started out by sending articles about the NUTS campaign to family and friends when that was going on. Then I put together a myspace page devoted to Jericho and made everyone I know go to that. I wrote a recap blog of "Semper Fidelis" at the request of Amy Vernon over at the "Remote Access Blog" (http://remote.lohudblogs.com/) and made all my
friends, family and collegues read that (I will also be recapping
"Coalition of the Willing" on Friday and they'll be forced to read that
one also!). I sent people to CBS to watch episodes before the re-runs, I
have info on Jericho on my ChaCha Guide page, I have flyers posted all
over my cube at work and lastly, I have a signature on all my e-mails with
Jericho info. I've gotten quite a few people hooked which feels SO good!

4. Who is your favorite character and why?

This one is REALLY tough, I love them all and they all bring something different to the table. I guess if I have to narrow it down, I would say Heather, because she's got guts and goes after what she wants. I'm so glad she will be around next season! I also love Hawkins, because he's just so darn cool! I love so
many of the other's equally though (or hate them, accordingly, based on

5. If you could meet anybody from Jericho who would it be and why?

This is another tough one...but I'd love to meet Timothy Omundson, because he's
such a great actor. I could have never in a million years pictured him as
the villian after his role on "Judging Amy" or "Psyche", but he does it so
well! I'd also like to meet Brad Beyer, because he's so funny on the show
and he seems so down to earth. (I got to talk to him briefly on Shaun's
radio show one night, which was so cool!)

6. What do you have to say to new fans?

Go back and watch the episodes that weren't run during the summer if you can. There were a lot of good storylines that got cut out or that don't make sense with the shortened re-run season. Also, participate on the message boards and check out other Jericho related sites and most importantly, WATCH THE SHOW LIVE when it comes back on !

Comments? The only thing I really want to say to everyone is Don't Lose
Faith! Yes, the traffic on the message boards has slowed down, but I
think that's largely due to the summer and everyone's out doing and then
the kids going back to school. I know I'm not on there nearly as often
either, but I'm still plugging the show, digging the blogs and articles
and doing all the same stuff I was doing before and I think other's are
doing the same. I think when Jericho actually gets a return date and time
slot, things will steamroll ahead. We also still have a lot of media
folks on our side and I think the big push to keep Jericho around will be
there. Keep the Faith!!!


kystorms said...

great interview Jane, because of you, we all get to meet each other and become friends!
many thanks for doing the interviews


Briarpatch said...

Nice to 'meet' you, Auntvonna. I agree that we all need to just stick to this and follow through to bring in the old and new fans when Season Two gets here. Thanks to Jane for another great fan interview.

Hawksdomain said...

Auntvonna, so nice to meet you!! It is so awesome to me to see that others have gotten the same thing from Jericho that I have, although you probably stated it better! :)

auntvonna said...

It's nice to meet all of you as well! Jane, thanks again for all your hard work on so many fantastic interviews! It is really cool to learn more about the wonderful Jericho family members!

Jericho Saved said...

Thank you all for commenting. Auntvonna is a sweet one. I've enjoyed every interview I've done and look forward to many more.

azlady said...

Its nice to meet you Auntvonna. These interviews are such a great way to get to meet the folks behind the screen names. Jericho fans are a great bunch.