Wednesday, December 12, 2007

CBS: Thanking Fans ?

"Man, CBS owes Jericho fans a huge thank-you. Not only are they responsible for bringing the show back from cancellation — making sure the network has another series to show this winter during the ongoing writers' strike — but they also gave the network the perfect tool for marketing the show's return: nuts! Ever since fans inundated CBS headquarters with literally tons of peanuts this spring in an effort to bring the show back, CBS has adopted the nut theme as its own. The network gave out gift bags of nuts during the Jericho panel at this summer's TV press tour, and here's the latest: a tour through the show's first season as hosted by a talking, animated peanut."

"The networks publicly have been insisting that their ratings will not be much hurt by the upcoming glut of reality programming in the wake of the writers' strike. Do you think the public will embrace reality, because that's all there is, or will we see a backlash against this much unscripted programming?"

"Just last week, there was a sense that talks in the Writers Guild of America strike were moving in the direction of a settlement.

This week, the outlook is as bleak as the weather Milwaukeeans have been facing this December: icy, cold and unending.

Talks broke down Friday night, and there's no date set for a new round.

The fallout won't really start to hit viewers until after the holiday season ends. The word out of Hollywood is that the last of the dramas still in production will wrap up this week, so fresh episodes will become increasingly sparse once the December rerun / holiday specials season wraps up after the ball drops in Times Square."

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Anonymous said...

Well, Here in Australia they pretty much cut shows as soon as they heard about the writers strike so they have more of a cushion to fall back onto next year...Not that that will help.

Its funny, really - they have only just started showing programs in sync with the US (instead of releasing them three months later as usual) 'cause every one was downloading the latest eps of their fave shows instead of watching them three months later on telly. Whoops.