Sunday, December 9, 2007

CBS: Will You Promote Jericho ?

Once again Rich of Copywrite Ink hits the CBS nail on the head. I find the article to be quite revealing as well as interesting.

"Buddy TV has been running an online poll that reveals the fan base fractures over the decision. Only 10 percent of Jericho fans like the new time slot, 67 percent don’t care (they’ll watch anytime), and 23 percent think it is a mistake."

It's evident fans are not voting like we once did. Since the return was announced I haven't even seen any major promotional efforts underway. Are we burned out ? Probably. Have we done all the marketing while CBS did nothing ? Yes.

"A mere 145 people voted, which is indicative of CBS giving up its engagement with the thousands of fans that convinced them to bring it back. Equally telling is that the Jericho Season One DVD sales did not measure up, hindered by the network’s lack of the commitment to the cause. We cautioned fans to promote the DVD heavily, as if CBS would not market it."

CBS should be ashamed of the non-marketing they did for the DVD. Is it that they want to see Jericho fail this time?

"CBS primarily made four promises to Jericho fans when they reinstated the series in June:

• Re-broadcast “Jericho” on CBS, which they did with an odd order, until the series was pre-empted by football.
• Stream online episodes and clips online, but without much marketing support for the varied platforms where you can find it.
• Release the first season to DVD on Sept. 25, which was postponed and lacked any substantial marketing support.
• Continue the story of Jericho in digital media, which they almost did but not in any real tangible sort of way."

And, Rich, don't forget that CBS gave us the most insane chat room for Jericho known to man. Porn, threats, you name it. They haven't even tried to moderate it just as they let the Jericho message board go downhill.

So we have all this plus the fact that few bloggers are blogging Jericho, the message board is dead, and CBS is sitting back watching. Personally, I don't think we can blame the holidays for the apathy I see.

If Jericho fails again the blame lays in the lap of CBS. And, I doubt they even care.

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Bagi said...

As I have said from the beginning, CBS has the money and the various methods to promote and advertise a TV show. There is NO WAY that the fans themselves can increase viewership to the numbers CBS wants. I don't think for one minute that CBS wants Jericho on the air and frankly don't understand why they agreed to the 7episode Season 2. Without heavy advertising there will never be enough NEW viewers to warrant a third season. The show is a great show, the only show I watch and I think it deserves a better network - a network that would care about putting on a good, quality show. The reruns were poorly done and no one who didn't see the show would spend that money to buy the DVD. I watched season 1, watched the reruns of season 1, purchased the DVD and sent in letters and e-mails as part of the protest, but CBS has to meet us half way and they are not. There is no way this show will succeed without CBS throwing money and advertising into the mix. It is too bad the fans and the case deserve a better fate. Shame on CBS (again)