Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Nielsen Numbers

"The writers' strike is about to make the 2007-08 TV schedule look like a really boring week in July. So let's look at some of the more intriguing numbers from Nielsen about prime-time viewing this fall before first-run episodes of your favorite shows go away.

45.2 — The median age for NBC's prime-time audience, down almost two years from last season, making it the youngest of the four major networks. CBS is still the oldest, with half of its viewers aged 52.6 or older. But ABC, thanks to Dancing with the Stars, has seen its audience age the most, going from last season's 47.4 to 49.5.

39 — The median age for viewers who playback ABC shows on their DVRs. That's 11 years younger then the age of those who watch them live. The median age of viewers watching NBC and CBS on their DVRs is 10 years younger then those who watch live. Fox's median age is eight years younger among DVR viewers (35 compared to 43 for those who watch live. The CW fans playing back shows are actually a year older (33) then those who watch live."

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