Friday, December 14, 2007

Jericho Flashback: Boondoggie

Graphic by RubberPoultry.

Jericho Flashback:

"But the real lesson to be learned is that the monster isn't controllable. The NY Times ran an interesting article on "The High Price of Creating Free Ads." They tell the story of how Heinz has had so much difficulty controlling what they hoped would be a viral marketing strategy. Read the article and you'll see another example of how foolish it is to think that you can control something like fans that don't work for you."

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White Elephant Gift Exchange

Started by RubberPoultry

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"In the past several years, TV fans have taken to the internet to launch campaigns in support of the shows they love. There was "Save Farscape," that lead to a resurrection in the form of a series of TV movies. There was the effort to save Firefly that ultimately lead Universal to believe that there was enough interest in the franchise to greenlight the Serenity movie. Most recently was the resurrection of CBS's apocalyptic drama Jericho. The campaign to save Jericho involved thousands of peanuts being sent to CBS in a symbolic gesture from the shows fans. In what seemed an almost impossible development, the network agreed to bring Jericho back for a shortened 7 episode season."

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