Wednesday, February 27, 2008

How Not To Promote Jericho

Time is running short for Jericho and we Rangers have promoted to the best of our abilities. Most of us have anyway. In the time we have left I wanted to mention some items that are not effective when we want to promote Jericho. If you are a new fan I hope you will benefit as well. Please avoid these:

1. Don't anger other fandoms (they might be a Nielsen family and would watch Jericho) by spamming their boards and making multiple posts on the same subject.

2. Don't attack other fandoms at HeyNielsen and expect them to watch Jericho in return.

3. Please don't attack Jericho's own fans. We have all worked hard and we saved Jericho as a group. If you disagree with someone at least be respectful when posting your difference of opinion.

4. Please don't bash other Jericho fan sites and characters. This is distorted thinking. The characters are not real people but the actor or actress who plays them is. You don't have to like every character and you can say that in a nice way. Bashing insults the entire Jericho cast and crew as well as your fellow fans.

5. Don't undermine promotional efforts in your own fandom just because you didn't think of an idea first.

6. Don't take credit for promotional efforts of other fandoms when you weren't responsible for them.

7. Please write legible, sensible posts. Here's an excellent blog post about "Writing In English."

8. The best way to lose potential viewers is to be confrontational, hostile, and condemn everything they say just because they disagree. Don't attack others so our ratings go even lower.

9. Don't tell people they have to do something. Asking nicely gets excellent results.

10. Don't tell people what to think because we are all different.

This post is not directed to anyone in particular. This is not the only fandom where these things occur. Let's all think before we post and remember we want people to watch Jericho.


LisiBee said...

Excellent post, and good guidelines for all of us, no matter what fandom we belong to. They're not bad criteria to use in real life, either. ;)

alpha99wolf said...

Outstanding Jane. Especially "The best way to lose potential viewers is to be confrontational, hostile, and condemn everything they say just because they disagree." It's also responsible for losing long time rangers. Many have forgotten how to discuss in a civil manner. Being cruel accomplishes nothing. Losing 1 ranger can mean losing at least 25 viewers (that rangers' family, friends, co-workers). Ultimately, it only hurts the ratings. Your words are wise, hopefully they will be read and taken to heart. Thanks, Jane.

Jericho Returns said...

Thank you both for commenting.

LisiBee, you're right. This is good for real life too.

Wolfie, you are correct. Not only have potential viewers been run off but Rangers as well.The ultimate question is can somebody behave this way and be considered a true fan of Jericho?

Michael said...

Yes, and please stop sending me nasty e-mail! lol!

Just kidding. I love the nasty e-mail. :)

Jericho Returns said...

Hey Michael,
Thanks. I should have added not to send nasty emails or you might lose potential viewers.

maybei said...

Great article!! You would think this would all just be common sense. Sad to say, from what I have seen, it is not.


Briarpatch said...

Wow, Jane. This is great advice. Would that it had come six months ago before so much damage was done. And yes, this is great advice for living as well as for social networking.

Jericho Returns said...

Thanks Maybei and Briar. You would think common sense would prevail but, sadly, it appears to be lacking in some.

AmyV said...

excellent post, jane. i agree with lisibee, too, that we'd all do well to follow these guidelines in real life. ... sigh.

Jericho Returns said...

Thanks Amy. I sigh too.