Friday, February 29, 2008

Les Moonves: Julie Chen

If we could convince Julie Chen to watch Jericho we might never have to worry about ratings ever again.

"However poorly you may think the CBS crime dramas perform in reruns, these reruns best Big Brother by 50%. Big Brother fared worse in the 8pm slot than it did in the 9pm slot but that makes sense. At 8pm it has to compete with AI for the whole hour, at 9pm it doesn’t. Wednesday night BB only averaged 5.56 million vs. 6.74 million at 9pm on Tuesday. CBS doesn’t seem in a hurry to change this and has accepted that BB has lousy ratings, but doesn’t seem to care."

"Never mind the attaching stuff to your equipment, never mind the time out of your life with basically no compensation. But the amount of time to take part in this extremely flawed ratings system is tremendous. I’ve always wondered who, exactly, is a Nielsen family and why their interests seem so different from mine."


erika said...

CBS doesn't really care about BigBrother's ratings because that show costs them almost nothing to make and it fills three slots a week. It's easy to make money off something that has such a small investment.

Oh man, wouldn't it be great if Julie Chen watched Jericho....

kystorms said...

I agree, and wish there was a way to contact Julie to let her know she would be able to lend us some awesome support should she feel like it