Thursday, March 13, 2008

Jericho: The Positive

"Finally, the big boy — “Jericho.” CBS has yet to decide this show’s fate. The LIVE viewing numbers haven’t been great, but they also haven’t been that bad. Anytime a network can garner 6 to 8 million consistant viewers to sit through a one hour show week after week with all those dreaded commercials is a good thing. More importantly, CBS is looking at the DVR numbers for the show and are ecstatic. Will this be enough to keep the show on CBS? We should know within a week or two. If the final episode (there’s only two left in Season Two) is a wrap up with no hanging threads, then we can be sure CBS will not give it a third season. However, if the show ends with a big cliffhanger, then that is a sign to fans that “Jericho” will return for Number Three. Keep watching!"

I bet Mr Orth would like Jericho. Because, no kidding, Jericho teaches American history like he did. Well, almost like he did because what Jericho is really good at is supplementing the knowledge passed down from our history teachers. Replanting seeds that grow into impulses to investigate anew to see if the writers are really referencing what we think. I can actually envision some progressive history class of the not so distant future using Jericho as a sort of Transformer who can twist, turn, invert and oscillate to become the real deal."

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kystorms said...

Exactly, its reopening topics to be discussed that are not always taught in schools today unless your in a High School AP class or in College.

Positive is right, because there is no way CBS will give up on a lucrative proposition, and Jericho is lucrative.
I remain strong in my believe that Jericho will have a Season 3!