Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Shoot The Moon

Rich "Hammer" Becker nails it again in an open letter to Leslie Moonves.

"Is the future of the television based solely on less than 2 percent of the viewing public? Or is there a better way?

“Forty years ago, new technology changed what people watched on TV as it migrated to color,” Seth MacFarlane, creator of another fan-saved show, Family Guy, told The New York Times. “Now new technology is changing where people watch TV, literally omitting the actual television set.”

With a better budget that takes the cast and new characters of Jericho: Season 3 to different locations across their alternate universe, the show could potentially grow into another dedicated fan franchise success story. But that all depends on CBS. It can play the numbers two ways and come up with different answers.

While I cannot speak for CBS, I know what my answer would be. Do what Star Trek did. Go boldly."

Many thanks to The Blog Reviewer for this review of JerichoMonster.

Jericho posts from the blog reviewer here and here.

Check out Amy's recap of Ep 5.


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