Monday, March 10, 2008

Schumi Leads Again

"The biggest difference this time is fans are not being asked to bombard CBS with nuts. Instead, the fan-based campaign focuses on “Jericho’s” popularity in alternative distribution nodes like the Internet and timeshifted viewing, which grows the live audience by more than 20 percent according to releases issued by CBS.

The campaign is being facillitated by fan-forum member who goes under the screen name of Shumi. In an open letter to CBS, Shumi said, “With ‘Jericho’ you succeeded where your competitors frequently fail — you brought viewers back to network television,” Schumi said. “You did that by taking a chance on a little show that was different and offered more than the usual fare of recycled drama plots, or mindless games shows and reality TV. But what you brought back was a new viewer, the viewer of tomorrow.”

Shumi’s goes on to say that CBS is passing up a “lucrative opportunity” with the network’s “online opportunities.”

Trish Kate's TV Talk

"Even if 75% of those 15 million opt out of the real time measurement (highly unlikely), that blows nielsen's 25,000 sample away because we're still talking millions. It makes Nielsen look absolutely piddly. And really, in this day & age, Nielsen is antiquated. Do you want change? Speak up. Be loud. Make NOISE. Because it's NOT going to change until we do.
Jericho has exploded online - critics, news articles, entertainment features, cast interviews, blogs, iTunes purchases, Amazon Unboxed purchases, CBS' own website - including forums and innertube views, Xbox live, illegal torrent numbers, etc.. whew. I could go on & on. It's overwhelming and it speaks volumes. Jericho is popular.

Ok back to Nielsen chatter. I'll be investigating this whole thing further, because we just can't let this go. No matter what happens with Jericho, the time for television measurement change is now. For every single person that watches Television: this is your fight too, don't think for a minute that it isn't. Your favorite show may someday disappear without warning if you don't act now."

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