Saturday, May 17, 2008

Nielsen Kills Moonlight Too

"Dear The Powers That Be at CBS:

Once again, you got me sucked into a drama and reward me by YANKING it off the air! Gee, didn’t you try the same approach with “Jericho”? I thought I learned my lesson after that stunt, but I guess I’m a slow learner. Forget it! You can put the best drama on next season, with the best actors and actresses, and I am NOT going to watch it. Because I know that as soon as I get involved, work my schedule around watching it, find the episodes engaging – then – it’ll get the axe."

“In the weeks leading up to this prelude to the upfront advertising marketplace, the Media Rating Council quietly met, reviewed a crucial audit of Nielsen’s so-called C3 ratings system, and opted to withhold accreditation for what will be the currency for billions of dollars in TV advertising buys.”

Confused? Allow us to explain. You know those upfront presentations all the networks are hosting to solicit ad buys for the upcoming television season? Those billion dollar deals are based on Nielsen data that hasn’t passed muster for the second year in a row.

And then it gets worse."

I am so tired of people not understanding that Jericho fans, as well as fans of many cancelled shows, do and did show up to watch on TV but it's Nielsen Ratings that refuse to count us. The networks allow this to happen and they have to know not all of us are being counted. We will lose many more great shows until Nielsen is removed from their death grip on the networks.

"CBS execs aren't using those words, of course: They love their online fans! But they're done listening to them.

This spring CBS paid attention to a noisy group of Webheads who demanded the return of "Jericho", a show that real world viewers didn't care for but which supposedly had a huge online fan base. The problem -- after CBS revived the show, the online fans didn't show up to watch the show on TV."


kystorms said...

Great POST.... keep it up. This is just insanity all the way around, and I wonder why any of us puts up with CBS and other nets who do not pay attention.
Maybe if we ALL turned our sets off completely, and their bank accounts dropped to zero, if they would come courting us back to the dance????

Just another viewer who does not count :-(

Sweet Tea said...

Thank you Ky. I agree that it is insane. I have not watched CBS since Jericho ended and I won't. It's the principle of the thing.

We all saved Jericho so I believe we could all, with fans of other shows, change the network's reliance on Nielsen. They want our money even though they won't count us as viewers. Well, they won't be getting my money.

D said...

Networks just shoot themselves all the time-I like Reapers and I'm hearing that wont be back either.
Dave from WelcomeBackRosenthal