Thursday, May 15, 2008

Supernatural Addiction

I badly want an interview with Lauren Cohan so I hope somebody reads this that can help me get one. This interview from Ducky Does TV will have to suffice for now. Where are you Lauren???
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"Support Supernatural this week kicked off a petition drive designed to bring in new viewers for this often under-the-radar show. How is this different from the numerous other fan campaigns that have happened in the last year? Instead of targeting The CW, the petition is asking Warner Brothers Television Group to make season one of Supernatural available for online streaming.

An interesting issue was raised in an analysis over the ratings declines. Are people still watching these shows, but they’re not watching live? Supernatural is a decent case study on how declining ratings on a struggling network don't necessarily mean that fewer people are watching the show. Look at the history of their Nielsen ratings in the first three seasons. Back in season one, with heavy promotion and buzz, Supernatural started off on The WB with 5.6 million viewers. The top-rated episode of the season was 5.8 million viewers, but somewhere in the middle of season one the show was moved to the impossible timeslot of Thursdays at 9pm from Tuesdays, and ratings at the end of that season sank to 4 million."

"On another note, I want to send out Kudos and thanks to Lauren Cohan for her work on Supernatural season 3. No matter how it turned out the lady gave it her best shot and I firmly believe that she did a very credible job in her work as Bela. To me it always appeared as if the writers were struggling to 'find Bela's voice' and to figure out what they really wanted to do with her and for that the character suffered and not because of the work that Lauren Cohan did. She took what was there and she made something of it, enough to show us something of Bela worth watching.

So thank you Lauren Cohan for the work you did, for being a part of the world of Supernatural and for taking it all in grace and style."

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