Monday, May 12, 2008

TV Tidbits

"The CW Network has just provided us with two brand new TV spots for the upcoming season finales of Smallville and Supernatural. Both episodes will air on Thursday, May 15, with Smallville airing at 8 PM ET and Supernatural following at 9 PM ET."

Heather Salerno of Remote Access Lost Recap:

"Born premature to a teen-age mother. Dumped into an unloving foster family. Picked on in high school.

Conned into giving up a kidney to his (supposed) birth father, who tried to kill him by tossing him out an eight-story window. Stuck in a wheelchair.

Survived a plane crash. Gut shot and left for dead in a grave full of rotting corpses.

And now he’s ghost whispering in a creepy jungle cabin."

"Some simply perfect news this week: Esai Morales has been cast in the Caprica pilot/telemovie as Joseph Adama, father of William Adama (now played by Edward James Olmos).

Morales most recently played, of course, our heroic Maj. Beck on Jericho. Given the different schedule of cable and network shows, one would hope that when (not if, when) Jericho gets a Season 3, he’d be able to work out both?"

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