Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Jericho: Approaching The Finale

Edna, our hometown just isn't the same anymore. Do you think we Rangers can keep it alive?

I truly do hope so, Margie, but I just don’t know. We’ve seen a lot of changes in the past year around here, haven’t we?

I have given up on the CBS board. I should have done it a long time ago. There would never have been a Season 2 if we'd had all these squabbles and negativity back during Nuts.

It appears to me that there's less concern about saving Jericho than there is about egos and being right. Jericho has always come first with me and it always will.

I am firm in my belief that there will be a Season 3 but, if there isn't, I am going to enjoy the heck out of these last 2 episodes.

"The problem is, unless you are Paris Hilton -- or even young people of somewhat lesser wealth -- there's not many of you there, much to the chagrin of TV marketers.

Fox network can lay claim to getting more 18-34 viewers than anyone -- but the vast majority are not upper-income TV viewers, those who make $75,000 or $100,000 a year.

Marketers -- like wireless phone, car, and entertainment companies -- would love to sell young people more expensive stuff.

No doubt, there are some rich kids who watch MTV, Comedy Central, or E! But even then, they might be what older, rich viewers are sometimes called: "light TV" viewers.

These are viewers who, because of their cash, wind up participating in better, non-TV activities -- all the stuff that money can buy for an entertaining good time.

In that regard, TV is good entertainment at a relatively cheap price -- attracting just the type of consumers TV advertisers increasingly don't want."


Balceroregontr said...

Margie and Edna we have missed you.

alpha99wolf said...

Margie & Edna: Your hometown has changed for the worse. Many have left the cbs board due to the atmosphere. Unfortunately, the same devoted fans who saved Jericho with nuts and letters have also left due to the cbs board. If one looks at the board, it is evident there are only a few consistent posters. Squabbles and negativity have destroyed devout loyalty to even the show itself. Very sad. But there is the law of cause and effect. Poster's words and actions have hurt people deeply. The board is currently run by the very few. Different opinions are not allowed and sane discussions are thwarted. Egos. Popularity contests. Cliques. Mean people. I can say this now because I have been gone from the cbs board for a long while. There was no need for the board to become aggressive. Many forgot that posters a human beings. Or are they? Very sad for the show. Because the very ones who profess to support it are the ones who destroyed it. It is foolish to think that many people at high levels or potential posters appreciated the nonsense on the board. And there is nonsense, negativity and plain self-centered narcissism. Saving Jericho is that last thing on many posters' minds. Even different fandoms have felt the brunt of the chaos of the cbs board. Very tragic. Words do hurt and have damaged the friendships of many across the fandoms. The finale came way before any cancellation of the Jericho program in the future. I feel bad for you both, Margie and Edna. Your world has been crumbling and you are two great ladies!

auntvonna said...

I can only speak for myself, but just because I left the CBS board for the most part (I will occasionally peek and see what's happening and maybe even post on a positive thread) for the very reasons you guys did, doesn't mean that I gave up the fight on Jericho. I know that for myself, I channel my energy other places, such as DIGG, writing sponsors, writing and e-mailing CBS and Sci-Fi,reading this blog and many others, etc...I know my loyalty to the show has not diminished one iota, just my loyalty to the CBS message board. I'm still 100% behind the show and I think many others are as well. It is a shame that pettyness destroyed what was once a pleasant environment, but that happens a lot in the message board community (it happened on one of my favorite Las Vegas boards too). When people can't see your face, it's easier to resort to childish behaviour for some. Just my 2 cents...