Monday, March 17, 2008

Jericho: No More Nuts

Here's the best idea I've heard yet and I'm in total agreement.

"Nuts were really effective in the original Save Jericho Campaign and in my opinion that is where they should stay. There are far too many ways for the use of nuts in a new campaign to be used against us. Rather, I think we should use our imaginations and come up with an original center piece for saving season 3. I think it would be best if this new approach were achievable without spending much money."

"CBS Television Stations has launched a new program to get its local news headlines onto blogs and social-media sites, the CBS division said Monday.

Called the CBS Local Ad Network, it's a way for participating region-focused blogs to pull in extra cash by embedding CBS news widgets on their sites and splitting the revenue of accompanying ads with CBS.

Bloggers can't just embed a widget and hope for profits, CBS Television Stations Digital Media Group president Jonathan Leess told CNET News.com. "There's a screening process, obviously," he said. "We have to figure out or get some visibility into what the content is on that site, and then we screen, but we have a third party (Syndigo Networks) that administers all this for us."


kystorms said...

we could print up a mini book, each fan of the history of the Save Jericho Campaign, nothing too big.. but imagine them getting a few tons of that on the desks each week
i agree, nuts is not the way to go this time, I can only have faith that we wont need anything to save Jericho for Season three that its already been saved.

Jericho Returns said...

Thanks, Lisa. I love the book idea!

Anonymous said...

Check out our exclusive Skeet Ulrich interview at www.tvguide.com/video. It's under the Megaminute tab. You can embed the video on your blog or link to it.


Don Gaile
Exec Prod, TVGuide.com