Thursday, March 20, 2008

Keeping Jericho

Margie: I'm home, Edna. I was walking back from Bailey's and I saw this huge truck pull into town. The logo on the side said CBS. Who are they?

Edna: I have no idea, Margie. Maybe CBS stands for “Can’t Bring Satisfaction”? “Could Be Snoring”? “Clowns, Buffoons, and Simpletons”?

"Five Reasons To Keep Jericho

• Fans are engaged, watching episodes and embedded ads over and over.
• The online audience continues to grow, with ample consumer evangelists.
• Even with less-than-stellar ratings, the rating are better than many other shows.
• It’s a leading program among the network’s growing online inventory.
• There were notable flaws in engaging the fan base that saved show while CBS continues to get up to speed on how to best engage online fans. There is an opportunity to do it right with a third season."

Boondoggie is back.

"As I sit here tonight waiting for the second to last episode of the season, it occurred to me that the world of social networking has really changed since the last time around. The Save Jericho movement broke new ground the first time by leveraging social networks like Digg to communicate with the outside world. We even had a few of the articles on this blog hit the front page of the entertainment category on Digg because they were heavily dugg by Jericho fans. Surely, this time around they must have gained even more momentum."



Balceroregontr said...

I love Margie and Edna. I also love the motivator. CBS are you listening?

terocious said...

Wow, Such a big day I would be exhausted if it all wasn't so exciting. Wait a minute I am exhausted. Thanks Jane, Margie and Edna!

auntvonna said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling the exhaustion today, LOL! Seems to be a syndrome among us Rangers! I'm so glad to see Margie and Edna again as well and I too hope CBS is listening! If not, I have a feeling (just my gut) that Jericho will land on its feet somewhere else (and to be honest, it might actually be a relief, a lot less BS!)

Anonymous said...

Amen, auntvonna! This roller-coaster ride of emotions is wearing!

Jericho Returns said...

Thank you all for commenting. This roller coaster ride has exhausted me too. The waiting is killing me.

Television said...

Thanks again, guys! Hope the efforts at Sci Fi work out...

Also, you can check out clips from the series finale with the article here: