Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Television Viewer Union

What kind of fools does CBS take us for? I am disgusted by CBS, Nielsen, and Les Moonves. If that statement applies to you please keep reading.

Banding together to get our voices heard.

"The game plan is this:
The simplified formula for television is that you have Networks that produce the shows we watch and who pay millions and millions of dollars to make the shows we watch. You have the advertisers or sponsors who pay millions and millions of dollars to the networks so that they can advertise on the shows that we watch to entice us to buy their goods and then there is us, the television viewers who watch the shows that the networks put out and who the advertisers pay big bucks too.

So we have the networks, the advertisers or sponsors and we the television viewers. It takes all three things for the whole formula to work and if you take one away it doesn't work.

Then you factor in Nielsen Ratings that rate our shows and their ratings determine the advertising dollars that the networks can demand for the shows they produce and even though it's a flawed system and good shows have been cancelled it's the only rating system out there and they are powerful enough to fend off Networks and the United States Government alike but are they powerful enough to fend off the fans?

The problem is that the television viewers aren't represented, so the networks don't have to listen to us. And until the Internet came along the technology wasn't available to unite the fans.

So this site was created to try to unite the television viewers and get us some representation with the networks. When we get enough members we will start to Rock The Ratings by doing roving boycotts of pre-selected shows and let the advertisers of those shows know about the boycotts after they happen. With a little time they will then start complaining to the networks about paying too much money for shows that are being boycotted. If that doesn't get them to work with us then we will stop roving and pick a network to boycott and that network can feel the power of the fans.

Now, if I understand Nielsen Media correctly then there are only 25,000 boxes in the United States that rates the shows and a million diaries that viewers fill out during sweeps. If that's the case, a boycott may not show up that much in the Nielsen Ratings but with enough people putting pressure on the advertisers, they will in turn put pressure on the networks who will have to change how they do things and work with us.

We realize that all the shows can't be saved and in some cases shouldn't be saved but we can try to get some concessions from the networks to get wrap up episodes for shows and possibly a season that goes to DVD and even things like fewer commercials in each televised episode."


erika said...

My family was a Nilesen Diary family about 25 years ago, and I know what a SHAM we perpetrated on them (I was 14, I filled in the diarys as I saw fit). Ready to join the new revolution, and this site is up and rarin' to go!

Thanks for spreading the word.

auntvonna said...

Well, I for one am SICK of good shows being canned because of faulty ratings. It's happened before and Jericho is just the LAST straw! Count me in, things have got to change. Nielsen is just an antiquated dinosaur that needs to go away (or seriously evolve). Count me in on this fight (and Nielsen, just frickin count me period)!!!!

SaveJake said...

I was just putting a plan together and you will see it soon. I am in this with you and I plan on Rocking Nielsen!!! If you can't join them...beat them!
See we have just begun to change television and the ratings.
History starts now.........!

Jericho Returns said...

Thank you all for commenting. We have to start at the roots and dig them up to kill the Nielsen tree.

NorsU said...


Get em here www.nutsonline.com

Send em here

Shipping to:
The Nielsen Company
770 Broadway
New York, NY 10003-9595
United States
phone: +1 646 654 5000

IR Contact
David Berger: +1 646 654 5057

Tell em


Jericho Returns said...

Thank you, NorsU!! Great job!

azlady said...

Its time for the public television viewers to take a stand against the scam artists Nielsen Company. I think Jericho is going to be the show that starts the NEW REVOLUTION. I'm in for the for the fight.

Jericho Returns said...

Thank you, azlady. I'm with you.