Friday, March 28, 2008

Monster Exclusive: Jennie and April

Since the Save Jericho campaign started last year, the JerichoMonster has had the great privilege to get to know a number of wonderful people. Two of those people who have become special friends to me are Jennie Sword ("Townsperson Jennie") and April Parker ("Darcy Hawkins). I was recently sent this exclusive picture and the accompanying note from Jennie, and I am honored to post this on JerichoMonster.


I want to thank you for your endless support of Jericho and your kindness and generosity you've shown all of us on your awesome blog! It means the world to us all. I know April and I really enjoyed doing the interviews we did with you! Here's a photo of us at the party we had Tuesday for the finale. I do hope that we find a new way to go on with new stories we haven't told yet. Jericho and this incredible experience will always live on in the hearts of us all. I do know that much. The spirit of the fans and their voices truly mattered - each and every one. They showed the world something special. If you join and work together in solidarity with dignity, respect and perseverance people can achieve amazing things. I'm glad I could be a small part of this amazing experience with you all.

Jane, I wish you the best of luck in your pursuits and dreams!

~ Jennie



terocious said...

Wow this is a great photo! Where was it taken?

auntvonna said...

Jennie is just the bomb, isn't she? She seems like such a sweetheart (as does April). It is so cool that you've gotten the opportunity to not only interview them both (and all of the interviews you've done have been excellent and so much fun!) but also get to know them as well! Very cool! That's an excellent picture of them, thanks for sharing, Jane!

AmyV said...

that's so cool of them to send to you... a nice kudos for all the hard work you've put into saving Jericho.

Jericho Returns said...

Tero, I'm not sure where the party was held.

auntvonna,thank you so much. It has been an honor to interview such talented folks.

Amy, thank you. These 2 ladies are thoughtful, gracious ladies.

rubberpoultry said...

Awesome Jane. You have many fans. I'm one of them. Neat to see you honored by April and Jennie in this way.


Jericho Returns said...

Thank you, RP. You know I'm one of your fans too.

This was, indeed, an honor.