Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jericho: The Last Ordinary Day

Rich of Copywrite Ink has tackled the tough Jericho issues in his most recent post.He discusses one issue which has made me angry and that is all the articles that continue to appear which blame the fans for Jericho's cancellation.

"If Jericho the fan base was inept,says Rich, "it was only because their indecision was nurtured by the network with mixed messages and a few fans who grossly misinterpreted them."

Rich goes on to discuss where fans erred;insisting everyone stay on the CBS board, attacking dissenters, and more. He also points out where CBS was lacking and something they did right.

I'd like to add a thought to Rich's comments. I believe CBS could have done a better job communicating with the fans. Besides using the message board, they could have used Jericho bloggers who were here and willing to work with them. CBS could have developed social media relations programs such as those used by Ford and others.

CBS wanted the fans to do the marketing and find new viewers. Their marketing efforts seemed mainly focused on those who were already fans. CBS set us up to fail and I do not believe they ever intended to give us more than 7 episodes.

How does Rich close the Jericho case study? Find out for yourself by reading his entire post. No Jericho fan should miss it.

Jericho will never die.


terocious said...
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terocious said...

I think our partnership with CBS was taken seriously by the fans but was only viewed as PR by the network. Too bad, we could'a been a contender!

(Sorry for the deletion I inadvertantly included my password in the post)

Rich said...

Jane and B,

It has been a pleasure to cover. Look forward to seeing everything that is next. And you're right Jane, you never really know what might happen nowadays. :)

All my best,

AmyV said...

I agree, tero. This could have been an historic partnership between fans and a network.

And thanks, Rich, for lending your professional expertise to the movement. Just your blogging on Jericho provided the fans with much-needed insight into marketing. Yours has truly been an invaluable contribution.