Monday, December 31, 2007

Do We Want Season 3?

"What lessons do we learn from CBS' 'Jericho' reprieve?"

Remember the time when a Jericho article drew 162 comments?

"If CBS execs had arrived at their upfront presentation last month and said, "Here's our schedule and it includes Jericho. We know its ratings aren't there, but we love its passionate fanbase and we want to do right by them," then that would have been making an impressive statement on the network's part. It would have said, "We're standing by our guns and saying that one of the advantages of being a first place network is that we can nurture shows like this." That would have been admirable. Instead, CBS played by business-as-usual, which isn't necessarily a bad strategy, particularly when you've been No. 1 in total viewers for as long as they have. They canceled Jericho because it didn't make the cut. Talking to reporters on the day of the upfront, CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler gave no indication that there was any hope for the show, saying simply that it was a hard decision, but the decision was made."

How about the time when a Jericho article received 1012 Diggs???

"For weeks, "Jericho" junkies have been firing e-mails (effectively shutting down InBoxes at CBS and this newspaper), signing petitions and sending bags of nuts to CBS headquarters in protest.

The assault seems to have worked, "Jericho" creator and executive producer Carol Barbee said Tuesday. CBS executives are in discussions with the show's producers and actors to resuscitate the show -- killed just last month -- for an eight-episode run in mid-season."


maybei said...

Yes, I remember!

We can do this - I have faith!

bertas said...

Sure I would like season 3 :) And I'll digg wherever I have to :)

Jericho Returns said...

Welcome bertas! Jericho needs more diggers for sure. Thanks!!