Saturday, January 5, 2008

Switch To All-Digital

"It’s coming sooner than you think.

As of Feb. 17, 2009, if you have an old (“analog”) TV and use an antenna (so that’s, what, five people?), you won’t be able to watch TV anymore unless you get a converter box. Seriously.

All “full-power” TV stations in the U.S. will switch to all-digital broadcasting. So the feds are actually offering $50 coupons to anyone who needs to get a box. This doesn’t apply to anyone who has cable/satellite/pay service or a TV with a digital tuner."

"THE NAME NIELSEN MAY BE most closely associated with the medium of television, but it is the Internet--especially social forms of online media--that is having the greatest influence on the way the research and publishing giant delivers its own messages to the public. In its latest foray into online publishing, the Nielsen Co. has quietly launched the "Nielsen Blog," a new Web destination featuring the waxings and musings of its array of experts on marketing and media research topics. The first installment of the blog, located at blog.nielsen.com, delves into what arguably is the industry's biggest annual marketing and media event--the Super Bowl--and future iterations will focus primarily on other big cyclical events and topical issues. The next big focus is likely to be the Academy Awards, another event that draws on the vast arsenal of Nielsen advertising, media, marketing and entertainment data streams."


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Maurice said...

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Jericho Returns said...

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