Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Jericho: Ringing In The New

To celebrate this New Year's Eve I asked two of my favorite people to give me a helping hand. First, Amy Vernon of Remote Access chose her two favorite Jericho posts of 2007.

Next, Rich Becker of Copywrite Ink presents his two most popular Jericho posts of 2007.

Another favorite of mine is Midori Miller and her New Year's post is both interesting and funny so I'm also presenting it here. Enjoy!!

Here's Amy:

"Jake and Hawkins, a love story"

"Wednesday’s Jericho was one of those rare hours of television these days, it seems. So very many questions were answered and pretty much no new ones raised.

Sure, we wonder who Valente really is. But we still know more about the man at the top of the nuke plot than we did last week, when Hawkins had circled a bald guy in the photo. We know he — ostensibly — worked for Homeland Security/CIA. That makes everything ever so much more sinister.

OK, but let’s start at the beginning."

"And now for something completely different.

A little while back, I asked previous Jericho guest bloggers Jane and Beth to make a return engagement to blog on Casus Belli (which, by the by, is Latin for “Cause for War”). They accepted and then behind my back conspired to do something totally creative and different and fun for this week’s guest blog."

Here's Rich:

"A nuclear mushroom cloud appears on the horizon -- and for the residents of Jericho, a small Kansas town, it could mean they're the only Americans left alive.

I bounced this off a few friends and family members this weekend and none of them were interested. Who wants to see people die of radiation poisoning or be evaporated under the heat of a nuclear blast? We saw enough of that, years ago, with the movie The Day After, they said.

The descriptor is also responsible for most critics rounding up the serial as a "nuclear apocalypse drama," which conjures up those same images of radiation sickness and despair. BUT that's not the show that captured millions of fans despite a midseason break. These fans, the ones responsible for the biggest show cancellation protest in history, saw something else."

"One of the greatest successes made in the past few weeks by Jericho fans is that Nina Tassler seems to have been turned into a “Jericho buzz believer.” Rob Owen, with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette even captured part of the puzzle of what turned Tassler around from saying as go the ratings so goes the show.

It seems beyond 20 tons of nuts; dozens of forums; thousands of mainstream and social media stories; and tens of thousands of calls, letters, and e-mails; her entire life was immersed in nothing but nuts and Jericho."

" Midori's Predictions For 2008"

"After consulting the tarot....meditating....and looking into my crystal ball...here are some of my psychic predictions for 2008. Remember Miss Cleo, "Call Me Now!" Realize even in predictions you must have a disclaimer...so let me present that immediately....These predictions are for entertainment purposes only...at least for now....let's just see how close I can get...maybe.....I might be able to quit my day job next year.............

6. Watch as some of these newer Social Networks emerge . My first 2 pages of google when you type in Midori Miller . I am a member of all of them and I reap the benefits each and every day. MyBlogLog, Cre8buzz, MySpace, MSN Live Spaces, Yahoo 360, Digg, MyMashable, USA Realty, HomeQuestUSA and am so honored to be found on Consumer Blog...one with lots of traffic....one that really interests me....my new consumer friend..... Jericho Monster. Many will realize it and accept it and hope it never changes....Activerain is by the far my #1 SEO."

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