Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hypocritical CBS

So CBS cancels Jericho because of low Nielsen numbers. They brag about the online views Jericho got but didn't seem to count them. Now, CBS runs around bragging about their online numbers for basketball.

"Even before the NCAA Tournament, CBS had begun making arguments that ratings needed updating to reflect online viewing as well as TV."

Hypocrites. This was just another way to prevent us from getting Season 3. Poor Moonves. Bet his ego was bruised by nuts.

Nielsen has settled with ErinMedia. You may recall ErinMedia tried to grab onto measuring TV audiences much like Nielsen does. Isn't Nielsen a monopoly?

AdAge has an interesting article today about consumers and interactive media. They mention Nielsen and some of their competition.

"Already Starcom USA has said it will negotiate only with unrated digital cable channels that can offer some level of "quantitative metrics," which could include set-top-box data. TNS has unveiled a new service, known as TNS DirecTView, that studies 100,000 DirecTV subscribers and their granular viewing habits. Not to be outdone, Nielsen has said it intends to provide clients with set-top-box data by the second quarter of 2008. TiVo is also making set-top-box data available.

As viewership data becomes more finely calibrated, other measures will attempt to move things beyond reach and exposure. Thanks to more consumers using interactive media such as cellphones and computers -- and with interactive TV seen as more of a reality -- advertisers will want to measure whether consumers respond to programs and promotions, said Paul Donato, Nielsen's chief research officer."

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