Tuesday, April 1, 2008

NorsU and The Nuts

I found this blog post last night and had quite a laugh thinking about how it describes a fandom I know.

"I don't really have any keen observations about this to tell the absolute truth. I guess I just wanted to acknowledge to myself and any of the folks on my flist who may have gotten into an online verbal smackdown contest over something that has left you shaking your head at the intensity of your own nerd fury....

...don't worry, I know you're probably not crazy fer reals.

Fandom can indeed make you blackout every now and again."

It really doesn't surprise me anymore that the CBS Jericho board is in a shambles. That's why you won't find all the old Rangers there anymore. The day CBS takes it down will be a blessing.

This brings me to NorsU who is diligently working to write letters, send nuts to Nielsen, and keep everyone on the board up to date.NorsU has been one of the very best Rangers ever.

"I am going to get flamed for this... What is drawing more attention than a few nuts to Nielsen is a attempt to put down a sincere effort by Jericho fans to do what they feel is right to save Jericho. This is a large community and everyone has a voice. The negativity has done more damage at this point than a few pounds of snack food. People are going to read these post and be afraid to try anything new or not approved by self appointed leaders. If I was not dedicated to get Jericho back on the air I would have bailed by now."

NorsU you have my respect as you have stood your ground for what you belive is the right thing to do.

Check the board and see what has happened to him since he started advocating Nuts To Nielsen. Gang attack. What makes him so wrong and them so right? They demand answers from him yet, in the past, have never provided any when they were asked.

Are they jealous? Are they mad because he had a good idea and it wasn't theirs? Oh, maybe it's that Leader thing again. Perhaps they perceive him as trying to be a Leader and we all know they're not going to let that happen.

The first campaign was totally different. The Rangers had class. What a shame.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the title of the link I posted. It's " Fandoms Can Turn Otherwise Normal Folks Into Stark Raving Crazies."

Keep it up, NorsU. Great job.


erika said...

Hee hee... crazy, indeed. Nice piece, and NorsU has done a fantastic job!

SaveJake said...

Thank you Jane...I sit here knowing how bad, mad, and crazy it can be. NorsU has worked hard always for us and Jericho. He's supplied info none of us could get or took the time to provide. I've always appreciated that from him and several others. I hope I showed it.

I have not been to the boards for a week......It was not good then. That's the part that makes me 'crazy'. Yes for the most part, we had class and gave respect, but as CBS stayed silent and others talked........People went CRAZY.
Still, I don't want to see it disappear. That would make it so final. There's a lot of work, heart and soul, on those Jericho CBS Boards. There's a lot of work for Jericho everywhere tho' eh?!!!

Again....Thank you Jane!

Briarpatch said...

Great blog post, Jane. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Yeah, I've felt a little crazy during this 18 months. But I still believe Jericho fans are overall, a class act. Yeah, there are always going to be big egos with the need to be immortalized, but there are plenty of hardworking folks like Norsu, who are motivated by a love for their kids (and/or dogs), or just a love a good TV, and fight for what's right.

Anonymous said...

On first sight of my screenname, many may be thinking, "Oh Lord, what will she do now?" But I am here to thank you, Jane. Thank you for the link to the blog post by Abstract Truth. That was truly brilliantly written! It also made me feel like less of a crazy person!

I clicked on the link for the boards, I didn't really follow, but it looked like NorsU was trying to ignore the naysayers and he was even being questioned about that. NorsU is one hell of a fan, Jericho fans are lucky to have him in their corner.

I don't know exactly who was attacking NorsU, because I just don't have the stomach to read thru those boards any longer. Some of those who seemed to be against what NorsU was encouraging, were people I once considered friends. If this is what is happening, I just want to say how sorry I am to NorsU. Being proactive is how we got Season 2, and the only way to get another season, or even any change in the way ratings are calculated, is to be proactive now.

Seems to me that first time around, we didn't criticize each other for our different ideas. Seems to me that if one or two people could get together to try something out, they were allowed to do so without being attacked for the idea. At least they were trying something. Criticizing ideas is not doing anything to help anyone in this battle.

To NorsU and any other Jericho Ranger out there fighting (against Nielson's & networks only!) for a third season - you have my respect and my support. :)

Mark said...

Spoken like a true leader

Trish said...

Once again, another brilliant blog.

This time around, I can see a clear distinction in leadership to the self appointed leadership the fans have now.

Being short sighted and narrow minded - not to mention pretty darn snarky, childish and rude at times - hinders any progress, efforts and puts off other fans.

I'm a fan of NorsU. He gets it. He has that Jericho passion we saw so much of in the first campaign. He gets that NOISE needs to be made - not squashed or one tracked.

I'm sure you feel the same as I do, it would be great to save Jericho again and hopefully everyone is taking the time to send their snail mail but ultimately we know -

The big fish to fry is Nielsen.

All these efforts can work parallel and fluidly if people stop trying to control the actions of others.

alpha99wolf said...

Great blog, Jane. The point is that within a fandom, there is trouble. It stems from many core issues. Very sad. That is why I left. Many left. Friends one day, and outcast the next. One is not allowed to give an opinion. Too many cliques that are in denial of their own superiority complex. "Man's inhumanity to man" is evident in a fandom. False accusations against me was enough. I've forgiven the perpetrators but I will never forget how they deeply hurt me.

Skeeterbit said...

The CBS site went crazy a couple weeks ago with new posters (which was great) starting new threads for every little comment (not so great). I got claustrophobic and confused and haven't been back. I'm sorry to see this is happening. It's situations like this that make me hesitant to voice my ideas.

Balceroregontr said...

What a wonderful find Jane. Your blog always makes me think.
Debby from SC

Jericho Returns said...

Thank you all for commenting. Hee hee to you too, Erika.
savejake,you always have words of wisdom for us.
Briar, you're right. There'll always be some like the dedicated NorsU.
Paula, good points. There was a time when everybody felt free to express ideas and carry them through. People who want to lead don't understand the meaning of the word.
Mark & wolfie, thank you for your support.
skeeter, I think most of us have felt like you.
Debby, you're amazing.

Trish, thank you. I agree with you that all efforts could work together but you know those big egos. Gotta be right and try to control. I do not see that with NorsU. He remains passionate no matter what.

auntvonna said...

I too have been a witness to the craziness in Jericho fandom, it's rampant. Recently someone hijacked the comments section of Rich's blog (Copywrite, Inc.) to talk smack about Shaun Daily and even go so far as to threaten him at Jerichon. Thanks for putting this problem in the spotlight Jane and for giving NorseU the pat on the back he deserves. He's been around since day 1 and been nothing but an upstanding and caring Jericho fan that cares about the cause despite all the BS (like so many of us). I just can't for the life of me wrap my head around the craziness of some of it.