Thursday, April 3, 2008

Jericho: The Fandom

Terocious has a great post today at Jericho Junction. It's an honest, straightforward piece although he will likely be attacked for having his own opinion.

Read for yourself here.

Trish has a new post today titled, "Jericho Fandom: Heading For Disaster." How correct she is about the lack of leadership, the demolishing of ideas and thoughts, and "Unfortunately, some fans simply can not function without leadership. Nothing wrong with some guidance and direction. Most people are submissive by nature, however, if someone steps into that leadership role that isn't exactly doing more than squawking like a parrot - you'll find a whole room full of parrots and not much being accomplished. Sad, but true."

JERICHO Season Two DVD release date has been announced for June 17th. Check out the Cover Art and Extras.

Morgan5318 has written a wonderful piece of Fan Fiction. Read PATTERNS OF LIGHT & SHADOW in the Fan Fic forum.

Jerichofan12 has added more JERICHO crosswords to the collection. Check them out! He also has some other JERICHO goodies such as Screensavers.

All this and much more at Jericho Rally Point...

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alpha99wolf said...

OUTSTANDING!!! The TRUTH is finally out. Thank you, Jane, for the links where much truth can be seen and viewers can decided for themselves. About time! Great post!