Saturday, April 5, 2008

Jericho: Calling International Fans

International fans, Zajo needs your help.

"Anyone that's able to be a liaison for their country (someone that's willing to pass on the information we have here to their fansite and vice versa) would be just fantastic.

Trying to gather and organize international fans like this is a big task and the more help we can get, the better."

Zajo is looking for international fans to answer these questions:

1. In what countries is Jericho broadcast?

2. Do you know any other language than English? If yes, what?

3. Have you come across any information about a fansite/forum that's not American? If yes, where and what country?

4. If we find a country that airs Jericho and you know their language, would you be willing to translate information to (if we are lucky and find one) their forum/fansite? If not a fansite then maybe willing to send emails regarding our efforts to their media?

5. If you have any additional idea/tips to give in how we can reach out to other countries, please let us know.

Please go here to participate and answer the questions. Thank you.

"There are state side fans willing to accept international fans letters via email and mail them for them, saving them the cost of international postage."

And, remember, the Nuts To Nielsen campaign may include everyone. It's not just for Jericho fans. Your show could be canceled next.

Send them here:

Shipping to:
The Nielsen Company
770 Broadway
New York, NY 10003-9595
United States
phone: +1 646 654 5000

IR Contact
David Berger: +1 646 654 5057

Tell them:



Trish said...

Well, I'm not keen on signing up for a new forum but here's a few international sites -

Spanish -

French -

German -

Russian -

Finland -

The Jericho (TV_Series) Wikipedia used to list all the countries it was shown in and the date of their premieres (it was extensive), but for some reason all that info appears to have been removed.

Sabina said...

Thank you Jane and Trish, this will help us take a few more steps closer to gathering more international fans. I'll keep you updated on whats happening. Me and bullroarer need to brainstorm on how to proceed. Love Z

Jericho Returns said...

Thank you, Trish. No need to sign up.

Sabina, thanks. Please do keep me updated.

Rosma said...

Hello ¡:

to give them thanks for all the effort realized to mobilize the international fans. In Spain we are with Jericho and we will keep on fighting to achieve that Jericho has a new hearth.

All together we are going to obtain it. And thanks to Zajo and Bullroarer for the whole help received to the international fans.

Thank you very much for the support

Rosma from Spain:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your support. I´m a spanish fan and i´m fighting for a third season too from here,

It´s a proud fighting by your side. Thanks for all. You are great!!

Arwen from Spain http://jerichoseries.forogeneral.es/portal/
Ah!! and Rosma is our forum adm.

Rosma said...


I leave the web of the new forum in Spanish.
Open sea for this campaign of saving Jericho.

Thank you very much Arwen for the support in the forum here in Spain.


Jericho Returns said...

Posting for Zajo:

Update: The International Campaign is really kicking off. Thanks to several international fans I and bullroarer are starting to build a really big International information base. Soon it will have its own section and separate threads for several countries. Those countries that have a different official language will get their information translated. This is possible thanks to all those who has helped us do that. I will return with the link as soon as it's up. Thank you all again!

Best regards,