Friday, April 4, 2008

Jericho: Forum Updates

Amy at RemoteAccess has a wonderful interview with NorsU today. It's nice to learn more about who he is in his personal life. I know it's easy to focus on a screen name and forget a real person is behind it.

Amy says, "It’s been a really interesting ride, and I think that, no matter what happens with Jericho, its legacy will be that the way television viewers are counted will be changed forever."

Statement From RFJ:

"Much has been said lately about the current state of affairs in the Jericho fandom. We feel now is a good time to state the Radio Free Jericho opinion on the matter.

RFJ is not concerned about "competing" with other Jericho sites. We are not advocating any one site over another as "the new" rally point. People will go and stay where they feel comfortable - and that's ok.

RFJ is not interested in becoming involved in any disputes over who is or is not in control of or leading the fandom. We feel the Jericho fans have proven they are an intelligent group and they will choose for themselves who they wish to follow.

RFJ has a long standing history of working with established sites in the fandom such as http://www.jericholives.com - http://www.jerichorallypoint.com - http://www.jeritopia.com - and those relationships will continue. We will also continue to share information with the CBS forum as long as it stands.

The primary focus of RFJ is to be a good citizen in the Jericho fandom - working on keeping the spirit of Jericho alive, keeping our membership updated on current efforts to save Jericho, suggesting ideas when needed, and providing a fun and informational site for the fandom.

Stop by and visit us - we would love to see you at Radio Free Jericho!"

Ka4ist - owner
maybei - admin

From JerichoNet2:

"Check in your state in the Regional Folder and provide contact information for your local papers for other rangers from your state. Be sure to include your name and city when sending them locally, they like to see that its coming from one of their actual readers. Throw a post up if you've sent it, motivate others to do the same. We stem from all over, our own local resources are very valuable to us.

Check on the National Media thread, send a Press Release with your own personal feelings. Obviously, the more letters received, the more they will take notice giving us a better chance of coverage.

Visit the NewsNet area and leave a comment to the author of the articles. Journalists/Bloggers tend to read each others work and a strong response to an article will peak their interest in the story covered."

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